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Nursing Mothers Policy

Effective 12/01/2018

The American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO) supports mothers in ophthalmology and provides accommodations for lactating mothers for the Written Qualifying Examination and the Oral Examination, as follows:

Written Qualifying Examination (WQE)

Lactating mothers will be granted extra examination time, extra break time, and a private room for pumping at our vendor's testing centers. We work with our vendor to locate the best available testing location with appropriate allocated spaces for these accommodations. Please note, the test vendor may inspect all pumping supplies prior to admittance to the examination. 

Oral Examination

The ABO provides an extended Oral Examination which includes a 60-minute break in a designated break room for pumping. Refrigerators will be provided. 

How to Request

Please email to request accommodations immediately after registering for your examination and at least 90 days prior to the exam. Please also note:

  • These accommodations allow for the use of breast pumps and related supplies only. Breastfeeding of infants and children during the examination is not permitted.
  • Space is limited; requests will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.