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Candidate Email 05-15-20

Candidate Communication 05-15-20

Dear Candidates,

It has been a productive week as we work towards developing the VOE20 (Virtual Oral Examination – 2020).

What’s New

  • Last Friday, we conducted the first online field test of the exam, using ABO staff as candidates and examiners. I played the role of a Panel Leader, typically an ABO Director who monitors the examination by going from room to room when the Oral was conducted in a hotel. This morning, we expanded the exercise to include nearly 30 experienced ABO examiners who walked through several Patient Management Problems, the case vignettes that constitute the Oral Examination. For this session, I was on the other side of the table as a candidate. I am pleased to report that both trial sessions went well. There are lots of items on our task list to address but we are making good progress. A special thank you to our voluntary examiners who participated in today’s exercise, especially those on the west coast who were at their computers by 5:45 am.
  • This week’s video provides tips on how to approach the Patient Management Problems:

What’s Stayed the Same

  • The seven-year board eligibility window following graduation from residency will be extended by one year if you are unable to sit for the VOE20 in 2020.
  • Paid examination fees will be credited to the next administration; there is no need to reregister.

What You Can Expect Next

  • Our next VOE20 field test is scheduled for May 29th and will be a major scale-up. If all goes well, we hope to announce the dates for the go-live Pilot VOE20 soon thereafter.

I suspect that many of you are now able to return, at least in part, to your practices, as I have at Mayo Clinic. Be safe and be well.


George B. Bartley, MD
Chief Executive Officer