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Candidate Email 05-22-20

Candidate Communication 05-22-20

Dear Candidates,

Seven weeks after the American Board of Ophthalmology announced its commitment to bring you a Virtual Oral Examination option (VOE20) during this calendar year, I'm pleased to report that we are on schedule to achieve that goal. After two successful small scale field tests, the next major step is a "dress rehearsal" with a large supporting cast a week from today, May 29. If all goes well, during the week of June 1, we will provide you with the dates and details for the VOE20.

Specifically, by Friday, June 5, you'll be notified via email about whether you've been selected by lottery for the pilot administration, when the pilot and other examination administrations will be offered in 2020, how to indicate your preferred VOE20 opportunity to us, and what you can expect from your virtual examination experience.

Once again, on behalf of all the ABO Directors and staff, I want to thank you for the support you've demonstrated for the board certification process and for the patience and understanding you've exhibited during this unexpected and challenging transition.

Several of our past and present Public Directors, who represent the voice of patients seeking ophthalmic care, also wanted to send you their words of thanks and encouragement. I hope you will appreciate meeting them in this week's video:

What's the "One Last Request" in the subject line?
We're asking for your help to produce the best possible candidate information and instructional materials for the VOE20. By May 29, please email with the questions (in writing or in a short video clip) that you'd like to see the ABO address.

Best wishes for a safe and relaxing Memorial Day.

George B. Bartley, MD
Chief Executive Officer