Maintaining ABO Certification

Attention: As of 2/15/15, registration for all ABO MOC activities is available. Please log in to your MOC Status Page to determine your eligibility and activity timeline.

Continuous Professional Development through ABO MOC

The American Board of Ophthalmology Maintenance of Certification (ABO MOC) program is a patient-centered continuous professional development tool designed to assess and develop the core competencies essential for providing high quality patient care.

  • The program establishes and maintains high standards for patient care in ophthalmology.
  • The process provides physicians with the means to continually assess and improve their ability to meet these standards.
  • Participation ensures that physicians are being assessed by reliable and valid measures to continually improve patient care.

ABO MOC is Peer Developed.
Hundreds of practicing ophthalmologists volunteer their time and expertise as exam development panelists and pilot program participants in the development of the ABO MOC program. With the exception of two public directors who represent the patient voice, all Board Directors are also ophthalmologists in active practice.

ABO MOC is Practice Focused.
Diplomates are encouraged to tailor their MOC experience to the areas of clinical focus most relevant to their practice. Modules available in Parts 2, 3, and 4 of the MOC process are designed for customization in order to meet the needs of both comprehensive and subspecialty practitioners.

ABO MOC is Evidence Based.
ABO activities have been developed using evidence-based criteria, best practices, and national standards whenever possible. Examples include the consideration of AAO Preferred Practice Patterns (PPP), science-based quality improvement processes, the input of national test development and psychometric experts, and current literature in ophthalmology.