Is Your Physician Certified?

Verify your ophthalmologist's Board Certification or search for Board Certified ophthalmologists in your area. 



Learn about the Board Certification process for ophthalmologists, including eligibility, requirements, the Written Qualifying Examination, and the Oral Examination.



Review the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process, including required components, available activities, and timelines for lifelong learning and continuous quality improvement.


Join the Quarterly Questions Pilot

An exam alternative pilot program for MOC, Quarterly Questions is exactly what it sounds like--questions delivered via computer, tablet, or mobile device on a quarterly basis.

Now available to all diplomates, the optional pilot consists of 20 knowledge-based questions delivered in Q2, 20 knowledge-based questions in Q3, and 10 questions based on self-selected articles from ophthalmology's leading journals in Q4. All content is based on the things ophthalmologists see and do every day. Participants have one minute to answer each knowledge-based question (five minutes for article-based questions) and will receive immediate performance feedback along with links to related learning resources. In addition, diplomates can evaluate the relevance of each question and provide their feedback on the content.

Diplomates who successfully complete the 2017 pilot will be eligible to use this activity in place of the Core Module of their next DOCK exam. Participants who also achieve an 80% correct on the Q4 article portion will be invited to claim 7.5 CME credits. If the pilot is successful, Quarterly Questions may ultimately replace the DOCK. Learn more about how to pilot the Quarterly Questions activity.


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