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Complete Your Candidate Conflict & Attestation Form

Thank you for registering for an American Board of Ophthalmology Oral Examination. To allow the scheduling team to create your exam assignment, please complete a brief Candidate Conflict & Attestation Form. This form invites you to disclose any military, religious, or personal commitments that may conflict with one or more of the exam administration days. You will also be asked to note any special testing accommodations that you will need and affirm that you've read the Board's testing policies and candidate agreement.

To submit your form, please click the button below for the exam on your registration receipt (note: this will take you to a third-party survey link). If you are waitlisted for the spring exam, please also complete a conflict form for April.

April  October

After completing the form, you will receive a copy of your responses via email (you may need to check your spam folder). For the next several months, the scheduling team will work on the task of assembling panels of examiners and examinees for each session. You will be notified of your assigned exam date and start time eight weeks prior to testing. Individuals on the waitlist will be notified as space becomes available.

As you await further information in 2023, we encourage you to review the Candidate Manual for this exam. You can verify your registration or waitlist status at any time by returning to your Candidate Status Page.