22F Oral Examination Report

American Board of Ophthalmology Announces October Oral Exam Results, Welcomes 239 New Diplomates

November 30, 2022
The American Board of Ophthalmology announced today that scoring has been completed for the October 2022 Oral Examination. Candidates were notified about their examination results today.
The October examination was administered online to 291 candidates over 3 days in 6 sessions. All candidates completed the examination. There were no breaches of exam security. 


  • 239 of 291 candidates passed for an overall passing rate of 82.1%.
  • 225 candidates took the exam for the first time. The passing rate was 83.6% for this group, which accounted for 77.3% of all October candidates.

  • 66 candidates repeated the exam. The pass rate for repeat takers was 77.3%. Repeat test-takers accounted for 22.7% of all candidates. 

About Scoring & Results

Scoring for the Oral Examination is based on a candidate’s ability to appropriately diagnose and manage the patients described in the 42 clinical scenarios presented, all of which are equally weighted. Results are based on whether each candidate meets the overall passing standard. Scores are not adjusted in relation to how well other candidates perform, and though statistically unlikely, this method makes it possible for all candidates to pass the exam provided they meet the standard.
The current passing standard was set in 2021 and will be maintained until the next passing standard study, which occurs approximately every five years. The standard is set by a group of practicing, board-certified ophthalmologists selected to represent diversity in gender, practice area, time since initial certification, practice environment, and geographical location. The process is overseen by a psychometrician who is trained in defensible standard-setting practices supported by research. The passing standard is not released.
Between passing standard studies, the passing standard is maintained through a psychometrically validated equating process. Statistical equating is used to ensure the performance standard is consistent across multiple administrations of the Oral Examination. Essentially, this means that while the numerical passing score may change with each administration, candidates are not disadvantaged when one administration is more difficult than another. This process accounts for the 4-6-week interval between an exam administration and the release of results.
As a final quality assurance measure before scores are finalized, a key validation process is performed. This process considers the performance of all test items (PMPs), flags any potentially underperforming items and sends them for re-review by subject matter experts to confirm correctness and fairness. If an item is determined to be flawed, it is removed from scoring.  

Next Steps

Candidates who will repeat the Oral Examination may register online. Requests for rescoring, which is limited to re-confirming that no errors have been made in the calculation of candidate scores, must be submitted in writing to the Board Office.
The ABO congratulates the 239 ophthalmologists who are now Diplomates of the American Board of Ophthalmology with a 10-year, time-limited certificate expiring 12/31/2032. Below is a complete list of ophthalmologists who achieved Diplomate status as of the October examination:


Israel Ackerman, M.D., Dallas, TX 

Ashraf Ahmad, M.D., Irvine, CA 

Kinza Ahmad, M.D., Redlands, CA 

Meleha Ahmad, M.D., San Francisco, CA 

Cesar Alfaro-Cruz, M.D., Detroit, MI 

Reza Alizadeh, M.D., Pleasanton, CA 

Sara Anastas, M.D., Asheville, NC 

Joseph Anaya, M.D., Brookline, MA 

Tyler Anderson, M.D., Yorktown, VA 

Pavan Angadi, M.D., Charlotte, NC 

Andre Aung, M.D., Decatur, GA 


Colin Bacorn, M.D., Baltimore, MD 

Anjali Badami, M.D., Washington, DC 

Christopher Bair, M.D., Murray, UT 

Katherine Baker, D.O., San Antonio, TX 

Saaquib Bakhsh, M.D., Indianapolis, IN 

Mark Bamberger, M.D., Toronto, ON 

Jennifer Barger, M.D., Winston Salem, NC 

Peter Bealka, M.D., Waco, TX 

Sunil Bellur, M.D., Arlington, VA 

James Benjamin, M.D., Ambler, PA 

Evan Berger, M.D., Virginia Beach, VA 

Lauren Bierman, M.D., Hingham, MA 

Andrea Blitzer, M.D., Irvington, NY 

Joseph Bogaard, M.D., Northbrook, VA 

Kelley Bohm, M.D., Chicago, IL 

Daniel Bonnette, M.D., Choudrant, LA 

David Booy, M.D., Providence, RI 

Connor Brass, M.D., Kansas City, MO 

Cassandra Brooks, M.D., Cleveland, OH 

Preema Buch, M.D., Hayward, CA 


Matthew Cardinale, D.O., Tacoma, WA 

Alec Chaleff, M.D., Pompano Beach, FL 

Nicholas Chan, M.D., Chicago, IL 

Sylvia Chang, M.D., Las Vegas, NV 

Jessica Chen, M.D., Portland, OR 

Homer Chiang, M.D., Fremont, CA 

Lisa Chung, M.D., Columbus, OH 

Stella Chung, M.D., Birmingham, MI 

Geoffrey Collett, M.D., Houston, TX



Omar Dajani, M.D., Plymouth, MN 

Gena Damento, M.D., Oakland, CA 

Daniel Dansdill, M.D., Columbia, MO 

David Dao, M.D., Lutherville, MD 

Daniel Daroszewski, M.D., Cleveland, OH 

Isaiah Davies, M.D., West Hartford, CT 

Jose Davila, M.D., Grand Rapids, MI 

Robert Davis, M.D., Saint Petersburg, FL 

Martin de la Presa Pothier, M.D., Benton, KS 

Iain Decker, D.O., Chicago, IL 

Brent Deibert, M.D., Winston Salem, NC 

Christopher Dermarkarian, M.D., Orange, CA 

Rupak Dhoot, M.D., Plano, TX 

Kim Tien Dinh, M.D., West Monroe, LA 

Thomas Dohlman, M.D., Boston, MA 

Isabelle Dortonne, M.D., Alpharetta, GA 

Samuel Dresner, M.D., Boca Raton, FL 

Lauren Dubiner, M.D., Smyrna, GA 


Steven Edens, M.D., West Palm Beach, FL 

Austin Ellyson, D.O., El Paso, TX 

William Ensor, D.O., Lewistown, PA 


Abayomi Fabunmi, M.D., Tampa, FL 

Aaron Fairbanks, M.D., Eau Claire, WI 

ShamisFallah, D.O., Bremerton, WA 

Robert Fantus, M.D., Libertyville, IL 

Jeffery Farmer, M.D., Murfreesboro, TN 

Cherie Fathy, M.D., Knoxville, TN 

Tricia Fernandez, M.D., Creve Coeur, MO 

Kevin Firl, M.D., Ann Arbor, MI 

Joseph Fong, M.D., Memphis, TN 

Alexander Foster, M.D., De Pere, WI 

Gregory Fu, M.D., Gaithersburg, MD 


Niral Gandhi, M.D., Chantilly, VA 

Sachin Gandhi, M.D., Royal Oak, MI 

Lawrence Geyman, M.D., North Bergen, NJ 

Gregory Giles, D.O., Hopkinsville, KY 

Ekjyot Gill, M.D., Pasadena, CA 

Harald Gjerde, M.D., New Westminster, BC 

Erin Godbout, M.D., Seattle, WA 

Tyler Goff, M.D., New Orleans, LA 

Miles Greenwald, M.D., Ann Arbor, MI 

Nicholas Grissom, M.D., Greensboro, NC 

Aditi Gupta, M.D., Dublin, CA 

Marithe Gutierrez-Roberts, M.D., Lafayette, LA 


Nicholas Hackett, M.D., Nashville, TN 

Yong Han, M.D., Los Angeles, CA 

Maxine Harvey, D.O., Lacey, WA 

Spencer Hayes, M.D., Dallas, TX 

Matthew Haynie, M.D., Durham, NC 

Meghan Hermanson, M.D., Cincinnati, OH 

Darren Hill, M.D., Minot, ND 

Tiffany Ho, M.D., Torrance, CA 

Lauren Hock, M.D., Philadelphia, PA 

Timothy Holley, M.D., Sandston, VA 

Ryan House, M.D., Indianapolis, IN 

Ping Huang, M.D., Wynnewood, PA 

Russell Huang, M.D., Washington, DC 

Brice Hwang, M.D., Albuquerque, NM 


Omar Iqbal, M.D., North Augusta, SC 


Adam Jacobson, M.D., Ann Arbor, MI 

Donald Jones, M.D., Salt Lake City, UT 

Nisarg Joshi, M.D., Coplay, PA 


Nathan Kanyinda, M.D., Norfolk, VA 

Jeffrey Kartchner, M.D., Tucson, AZ 

Diana Katsman, M.D., Encino, CA 

Ross Kennamer-Chapman, M.D., St. Louis, MO 

Mohib Khan, M.D., Oakton, VA 

Mercy Kibe, M.D., New Haven, CT 

Clifford Kim, M.D., Cambridge, MA 

Grace Kim, M.D., Tustin, CA 

Jae Kim, M.D., Los Angeles, CA 

Yonwook Kim, M.D., Peabody, MA 

Tyler Knight, M.D., Indianapolis, IN 

Jagger Koerner, M.D., Winston-Salem, NC 

Jayson Koppinger, M.D., Truckee, CA 

John Kroger, M.D., Dayton, OH 

Cristy Ku, M.D., Rancho Cordova, CA 

David Kuo, M.D., Piedmont, CA 

Kathleen Kwedar, M.D., Kansas City, MO 


Mary Labowsky, M.D., New York City, NY 

Gabriela Lahaie-Luna, M.D., Philadelphia, PA 

Gregory Lai, M.D., Columbus, GA 

Peter Lam, M.D., Victoria, TX 

Michael Langue, M.D., Providence, RI 

Chang Sup Lee, M.D., Los Angeles, CA 

Kathryn Lee, M.D., Albany, NY 

He Li, M.D., Victoria, TX 

Lauren Libfraind, M.D., San Antonio, TX 

Jacob Light, M.D., Philadelphia, PA 

Lauren Lim, M.D., Novi, MI 

Xiongfei Liu, M.D., Sacramento, CA 

Theresa Long, M.D., Salt Lake City, UT 

ElvisaLoshe, M.D., Shrewsbury, MA 

Rosa Lozada Sierra, M.D., Caguas, PR 

Lance Lyons, M.D., Atlanta, GA 


Gerta Mane, M.D., Sylvania, OH 

Amar Mannina, M.D., Toronto, ON 

Nicholas Marchase, M.D., Conway, SC 

Kanwal Matharu, M.D., New Orleans, LA 

Kevin Mays, M.D., Pearl, MS 

Charles McGuffey, M.D., Oklahoma City, OK 

Kyle McKey, M.D., East Grand Rapids, MI 

Joseph Mekhail, M.D., Washington DC, DC 

Thomas Mendel, M.D., Columbus, OH 

Zachary Mendelson, M.D., Jersey City, NJ 

Charles Miller, M.D., New York, NY 

Cory Miller, M.D., Lonsdale, MN 

Samuel Minaker, M.D., Chicago, IL 

Shelley Mo, M.D., Lancaster, PA 

Isa Mohammed, M.D., Clarksville, MD 

Peter Mortensen, M.D., HOUSTON, TX 

Jared Murray, M.D., Woodbury, MN 

Majd Mustafa, M.D., Vancouver, BC 


Sameera Nadimpalli, M.D., Ann Arbor, MI 

Mina Naguib, M.D., New York, NY 

Jason Nguyen, M.D., Oklahoma City, OK 

Jonathan Noguchi, M.D., Santa Ana, CA 


Andrew Orenberg, M.D., Marblehead, MA 

Timothy Owens, M.D., Charlotte, NC 


Joshua Pahng, M.D., New Orleans, LA 

Andrew Pansick, M.D., Dallas, TX 

Priyanka Parekh, M.D., Grand Rapids, MI 

Ji Park, M.D., Colton, CA 

Jong Park, M.D., Royal Oak, MI 

Sung Park, M.D., New York, NY 

Andrew Pazandak, M.D., Dallas, TX 

Travis Peck, M.D., Washington, DC 

Anh Pham, M.D., Miami, FL 

Kenneth Price, M.D., Portland, OR 

Nicole Pumariega, M.D., Morgantown, WV 

BoonkitPurt, M.D., Beaverton, OR 

John Pyun, M.D., Chino Hills, CA 


Tyler Quist, M.D., Colorado Springs, CO 



Rahul Raghu, M.D., San Jose, CA 

Ankur Ralhan, M.D., Torbay, NF 

Edward Randerson, M.D., Beaver Dam, WI 

Sinthu Ranjan, M.D., New York, NY 

Monica Ray, M.D., Austin, TX 

Devasis Reddy, M.D., San Jose, CA 

Austin Rohl, M.D., Denver , CO 

Carin Rojas, M.D., Sacramento, CA 



Murtaza Saifee, M.D., Woodland Hills, CA 

Ahmar Sajjad, M.D., Fishers, IN 

Manan Sampat, M.D., Nicholasville, KY 

Jarod Santoro, M.D., Norwood, MA 

Adriane Schiano, M.D., Dallas , TX 

Dana Schneider, M.D., Pittsburgh, PA 

Etienne Schonbach, M.D., San Diego, CA 

Gabriel Scott, M.D., Morrisville, NC 

Jessica Scott, M.D., Springfield, NJ 

Ayesha Shariff, M.D., Albuquerque, NM 

Lincoln Shaw, M.D., Chicago, IL 

Kevin Shen, M.D., Houston, TX 

Kathryn Shmunes, M.D., Jacksonville, FL 

Matthew Shulman, M.D., Coral Gables, FL 

Alexander Shusko, M.D., Scottsdale, AZ 

Portia Sirinek, M.D., Boston, MA 

Brede Skillings, M.D., Myrtle Beach, SC 

Andrew Smith, M.D., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 

Connor Smith, M.D., Benbrook, TX 

Alexander Solomon, M.D., Bala Cynwyd, PA 

Hudson Stern, M.D., La Grange, IL 

Kevin Stromberg, M.D., Cincinnati, OH 

Michael Szmodis, M.D., Bethlehem, PA 


David Ta Kim, M.D., Vancouver, BC 

Lawrence Tafoya, M.D., El Paso , TX 

Laurel Tainsh, M.D., Stoneham, MA 

Christos Theophanous, M.D., Lafayette, CA 

Catherine Thomas, M.D., Winnetka, IL 

Jack Tian, M.D., Bainbridge Island, WA 

Marisa Tieger, M.D., Chestnut Hill, MA 

Christopher Toomey, M.D., Poway, CA 

Alana Trotter, M.D., Wichita, KS 

Bao Truong, M.D., Lake Mary, FL 

Jeffrey Tsao, M.D., Aptos, CA 

Michael Tseng, M.D., Potomac, MD 

Jonathan Tsui, M.D., Philadelphia, PA 


Lana Verkuil, M.D., San Francisco, CA 

NarineViruni, M.D., Baltimore, MD 

Trisha Volmering, M.D., Mason, OH 

Irina Volosko, D.O., Austin, TX 


James Walsh, M.D., St. Louis, MO 

Marlene Wang, M.D., Boston, MA 

Qing Wang, M.D., New York, NY 

Jared Weed, M.D., Glenshaw, PA 

Stephanie Weiss, D.O., Richboro, PA 

Whitney Whitfield, M.D., TALLAHASSEE, FL 

James Wilhite, M.D., Tuscaloosa, AL 

Eric Williams, M.D., Cincinnati, OH 

Aaron Winter, M.D., San Diego, CA 

Scott Woolf, M.D., Meridian, ID 

John Wooten, M.D., Columbus, TX 


Zhiyong Yang, M.D., Houston, TX 

David Yee, M.D., Seattle, WA 

Richard Yemm, M.D., Moline, IL 

Alexander Yeung, M.D., Chicago, IL 



Andrew Zheng, M.D., Atlanta, GA 

Luo Luo Zheng, M.D., Saratoga, CA 

Ivy Zhu, M.D., Chicago, IL 

For more information, please contact the Board Office.