Leadership, Volunteers, and Staff

Chief Executive Officer

The American Board of Ophthalmology is led by Mayo Clinic oculoplastic surgeon George B. Bartley, MD, who serves as the organization's Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Bartley achieved board certification in 1986 and actively participates in the Continuing Certification program.

Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are leaders in ophthalmology who possess specific clinical or subspecialty expertise and reflect the diversity of the ophthalmic community. Two public directors represent the public interest. All physician directors are active in clinical practice; most have prior experience with ABO examinations and/or exam development. Physician directors also participate in Continuing Certification. Board Directors are chosen for a four-year term which may be renewed for an additional four years.

Subspecialty Liaisons

Liaisons help coordinate efforts that support the collaborative, two-way relationship the ABO has with the subspecialty societies and organizations in ophthalmology.

Examiners and Exam Development Volunteers

To develop content and administer examinations, the ABO relies on subject matter expert volunteers from within the profession of ophthalmology who give of their time and expertise to serve as Examiners, item writers, and content development panelists.

Professional Staff

In 2018, the ABO became the first medical specialty board in the nation to transition its day-to-day staffing

Governance Documents

You may also find these governance and operational documents helpful for review: