Enroll in Continuing Certification

Participating in Continuing Certification tells the public and the medical profession that you, as an American Board of Ophthalmology-certified physician, support high standards in the delivery of patient care. ABO Continuing Certification activities will encourage you to assess and enhance your clinical practice knowledge in core ophthalmology along with your unique areas of practice focus, and challenge you to continuously measure and improve your performance and outcomes.

Pride-PinThe American Board of Ophthalmology encourages all board-certified ophthalmologists, regardless of certification year, to participate in Continuing Certification in support of professional self-regulation and the continuous improvement of patient care. The ABO highlights in the public reporting section of this website when diplomates are "Participating in Continuing Certification."

If you were certified in 1992 or later...

You were awarded a 10-year, time-limited certificate subject to renewal through the Continuing Certification program. At the time you achieved board certification, a Status Page was created for you and is accessible using the login fields at the top-right corner of this website. If you've misplaced or forgotten your login credentials, we can send it you. No further enrollment is required.

If you were certified prior to 1992...

You were awarded a certificate without end dates. You will retain this non-time-limited ABO certificate if you choose to voluntarily participate in Continuing Certification. Using the enrollment form in the box below, you will have the option to select from two voluntary enrollment options: Fast-Track, which delivers the program on an abbreviated three-year schedule, or the Annual Enrollment pathway, which follows the traditional 10-year timeline.

If you are a former diplomate whose certificate has lapsed...

You may be eligible to rejoin the ABO diplomate community by completing Fast Track.

Begin the Enrollment Application
Click here to begin the enrollment application. If your application is approved, you will receive website access instructions and more information about the process within 2-3 business days from the date of your application.