Quarterly Questions Article Pathway

How it Works

While participating in the Quarterly Questions program, you may choose to meet the requirement for Improvement in Medical Practice by selecting three Quality Improvement-designated journal articles from the ABO's reading list and answering two questions about each article. Please look for the section header labeled "Improvement in Medical Practice" to identify these options.

  • You may read all 3 articles in a single year of Quarterly Questions or spread this activity out over 3 years (article options available from 2019 forward).
  • Quality Improvement articles must be completed as part of standard Quarterly Questions participation. In other words, you are not permitted skip the clinical knowledge section or other article questions in the year(s) you choose to participate, unless you have already completed the DOCK Examination during your current cycle.
  • There is no minimum score required on the Quality Improvement articles.
  • This activity option may be used only once during each 10-year cycle. The ABO strongly recommends choosing this activity first in order to learn about fundamentals of quality improvement prior to applying this knowledge to the completion of a second improvement activity.

How to Access

Log into the Quarterly Questions platform and navigate to the third quarters to find Quality Improvement-designated article options. Please note that the questions for the 2021 Quality Improvement-designated articles will become available in July 2021.