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Patient Safety Requirement

You will need to complete one patient safety activity during your 10-year cycle. Choose from the following options:

Quarterly Questions Patient Safety Articles

While participating in the Quarterly Questions program, you can meet the requirement for patient safety by selecting three (3) patient safety-designated journal articles from the ABO's reading list and answering two (2) questions about each article. You may read all three articles in a single year of Quarterly Questions or spread this activity out over several years.

ABMS Continuing Certification Directory Course

Some ABO-approved activities that appear in the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Continuing Certification Directory may be used to meet the patient safety requirement. To locate acceptable activities, visit the ABMS Continuing Certification Directory page for the ABO, filter for Patient Safety, and select from the list of options.

Note: Upon completion of a patient safety activity from the ABMS Continuing Certification Directory, you will need to log in to your ABO Status Page and attest to completion.