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Improvement in Medical Practice Menu

Activities on the American Board of Ophthalmology's Improvement in Medical Practice Menu for Continuing Certification are designed to encourage ongoing assessment and improvement of patient care. Choose two activities from the menu below. The ABO recommends completion of both activities prior to Year 8 of your 10-year cycle.

Improvement in Medical Practice Activity Menu
Option 1 Use the Quarterly Questions® Article Pathway
Time Commitment 3-8 hours
Availability Online, on-demand via your Status Page
Description Increase the value of your Quarterly Questions participation when you use it to count as one Improvement in Medical Practice activity. To qualify, answer the 40 available knowledge questions for the year, then head to your Quarter 3 Article Library. Within your minimum of five article selections, choose the three articles labeled “Improvement in Medical Practice” and answer two questions about each article. This option is available from 2019 forward only. If you have already completed the DOCK Exam during your current cycle, you can skip the knowledge questions and move straight into the quality articles. The Quarterly Questions article pathway may be used as one improvement activity per cycle.
Option 2 Complete 1 of 11 Designated AAO CME Courses
Time Commitment Varies based on course
Availability Online through the American Academy of Ophthalmology

The AAO offers 11 online CME activity options which have been approved for Improvement in Medical Practice credit by the ABO. Completing any one of the following Academy activities will satisfy the ABO's requirement and provide you with the ability to claim CME. If you are an AAO member, access to these activities is included in the price of your membership. Current Academy activity options include:

  1. Anisometropic Amblyopia
  2. Anti-VEGF Therapy in Patients with Neovascular AMD
  3. Assessing Risk of Glaucoma Progression
  4. Improving Outcomes in Cataract Surgery: Targeting Best Corrected Visual Acuity
  5. Improving Outcomes in Cataract Surgery: Targeting Uncorrected Visual Acuity
  6. Improving Vision after Retinal Detachment Repair
  7. Laser and Injection Therapy in Patients with DME
  8. Treatment of Uveitic Macular Edema
  9. When to Change Glaucoma Therapy and Why Patients Might Fail
  10. Building Best Practices for Informed Consent
  11. Choosing Wisely: Leading Patients to Recommended Care
Academy activities that count for ABO Continuing Certification credit may now be transferred directly to the ABO from your Academy CME Central page.
Option 3 Design a Self-Directed Project or Choose a Project Template
Time Commitment Typically several months
Availability Application accessible via your Status Page

Diplomates can access a list of pre-approved improvement project samples completed by their peers. Each self-directed activity is completed and submitted through the ABO Status Page. Diplomates can elect to satisfy one or both of their Improvement in Medical Practice requirements using a self-directed template. There are four different types of self-directed projects currently available:

  • Amblyopia Project Template (Read more about this option.)
  • COVID-19 Project (Samples)
  • Group or Team-Based Project
  • Standard Improvement in Medical Practice Project
Option 4 Join a Cross-Specialty Project at a Qualifying Institution
Time Commitment Varies
Availability At the discretion of your practicing institution
Description PP_Logo _ABMS_BoardA service provided through the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), the ABMS Portfolio Program partners with large health care organizations to recognize the work physicians are already doing to improve their practices and the care of their patients. The ABO recommends diplomates choose organizational projects that relate to topics such as: medication errors and practice access issues; wrong site surgery/wrong choice surgery/inappropriate surgery; low vision-related safety issues; professionalism; or diagnostic errors. Participation is managed by a contact at your home institution.
If you are no longer engaged in direct patient care, you may be eligible to maintain your certification by declaring Clinically Inactive Status.