Improvement in Medical Practice Options

Activities on the Improvement in Medical Practice Menu below are designed to encourage ongoing assessment and improvement of patient care in ophthalmology. Participating in improvement activities allows you to measure your practice performance and develop an actionable plan for improvement based on best practices and de-identified peer benchmarks. The ABO encourages you to tailor your practice improvement experience to the topic(s) most relevant to your practice. To begin an improvement project, choose from the following activity options:

  • Discover Improvement Opportunities Using Your AAO IRIS® Registry Data
    IRIS participants can access a dashboard that provides monthly performance rates on 15 clinical quality measures and 6 quality improvement measures. The data can be used to identify two or three areas for improvement, set specific goals for each, outline the steps you will take to achieve your goals, and evaluate your success by looking at the subsequent monthly performance rates provided to you on your IRIS dashboard. Because the registry data are obtained from your EHRs, this option requires no manual data entry.
  • Create a Customized, Self-Directed Improvement in Medical Practice Activity
    Develop your own clinical or non-clinical activity to make a change in your practice. An increasing number of diplomates are taking advantage of the opportunity to satisfy this requirement while addressing issues important to them in their own practice.
  • Participate in the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program Through Your Institution
    If your institution is a Portfolio Sponsor through the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program, you can complete an improvement activity using this team-based, organizational pathway.

If you are no longer engaged in direct patient care and unable to complete a quality improvement activity, you may be eligible to maintain certification by declaring Clinically Inactive Status.