Executive Leadership

  • George B. Bartley, MD
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Beth Ann Comber, MBA
    Chief Operating Officer


  • Christine Frieberg
    Physician Services Coordinator
  • Sheila Hart-Refile, MBA
    Volunteer Process Specialist

Assessment Design

  • Sarah Schnabel, PhD
    Director of Psychometrics and Assessment
  • Dan Pastorius
    Exam Development Manager
  • Diana Breidenstein
    Oral Exam Development Manager

Certification Experience

  • Meghan McGowan, MS, MBA
    Director of Communication, Engagement, and Experience
  • Amy Savastano
    Continuing Certification Program Manager
  • Gabriel Watkins
    Certification Experience Coordinator

Digital Experience

  • Brian Martin
    Director of Information Technology
  • Mick Eng, MS
    Information Technology Manager
  • Linda Pan
    Senior Application Developer
  • Brian Ardavin
    Oral Exam Staffing Manager